Here are some branding projects I have worked on as a freelancer and/or school projects

Sahi & Sons Trucking LTD

Sahi & Sons Trucking LTD is one of the leading logistics companies within the Lower Mainland. Here I was contracted to create Brand assets and guidelines such as stationery, apparel, web presence and wayfinding.

Netflix Brand Extensions

This was a school project aiming to suggest extensions to a brand. It helped me expand the view of branding from just a simple logo or website to an array of elements that can help reinforce a brand’s presence.

Alleys of Abbotsford

This project was meant to display app-building capacity and the creation of some base branding concept. I used Adobe XD to prototype the app. 
Click on the button below to see the Behance project including a video showcase of the app.

Scarab Digital

I was hired from a senior designer to develop stationery elements for one of his clients. It was key to maintain the company’s guidelines throughout the work.

EcoDairy Annual Book Design

I worked for 6 months as a freelancer for EcoDairy. During this experience I worked on following guidelines and creating and developing brand assets.

EcoDairy Annual Reports