motion graphics

The passion of mograph started 10 years ago for me. I started with the most basic animations with the least permissive equipment. Year by year, upgrade by upgrade, I managed to reach the level of skill I long aspired to. I am now animating for clients. My work is being seen from many and it’s starting to become desirable.

On this page I showcase the range of topic I deal with, from 3D animation to 2D logo reveals.

3D Motion Design Reel

Using Cinema4D, Blender and After Effects, I have been experimenting with abstract and semi-realistic renders and animations for about 10 years. In this video you can see the latest and most well-put animations I’ve made so far. I sit down and brainstorm new animations quite often just for the sake of remembering what I can do. I can confidently say that, while it might look like a hobby, I plan on making this kind of design my specialty.

2D Logo Reveals

I started early on 2d Motion Design since it didn’t require beefy equipment to make. In this reel I show some of the branding projects related animations I’ve made so far. 


With this project I started dipping my feet into the “aesthetic” style of design. Something that doesn’t need to make sense. It just can’t be ugly. This project in particular is a nostalgic throwback of some of my childhood’s experience and activities, all in an isometric view.